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2016/2017 CLSI Catalog

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CLSI References in the CAP Accreditation Checklists

Numerous CLSI documents are referenced in the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation Checklists and serve as key resources in satisfying regulatory requirements. CAP Accreditation Checklists are updated regularly to include CLSI’s standards, guidelines, and other documents as references.

CLSI–CLMA Body of Knowledge 2013

This crosswalk shows how CLSI documents could help laboratory managers further their professional knowledge across the CLMA Body of Knowledge for Clinical Laboratory Managers. It contains the CLMA Domains, Competencies, and Levels within the competencies, as well as the CLSI documents and products that align with a specific level of competency or the entire competency.

CLSI Documents and ISO Quality Documents

This crosswalk shows how CLSI quality system essentials (QSE) correspond with clauses in ISO quality documents. The ISO quality documents are listed along with the related CLSI documents under each QSE.

CLSI–FDA Recognized Consensus Standards

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains a database of recognized consensus standards. Included in the database are over 100 CLSI consensus standards and guidelines.

Please click here for information regarding FDA Recognized Consensus Standards and access to the FDA Recognized Consensus Standards Database. CLSI standards and guidelines can be located by searching on “CLSI” and/or “NCCLS.”

CLSI–The Joint Commission Crosswalk

CLSI Documents Referenced to The Joint Commission Laboratory Accreditation Standards Chapters

Harmonized Terminology Database

The Harmonized Terminology Database is a compilation of internationally accepted terminology and is a tool for CLSI volunteers, members, and anyone in the laboratory sciences and related health care industries. It has been made publicly available to encourage broad acceptance and usage of internationally accepted terminology.

CLSI Guidelines for References

When statements of fact are presented in CLSI documents, the original source of the fact needs to be provided in a reference citation. References tell readers where to access more information regarding the subject, and they give credit to the original authors.

Corrections and Updates for Documents

This section includes corrections and updates for CLSI documents, which were identified after the documents were originally published. Future print and electronic copies of the documents will include the corrected/updated pages.

Standards Development Policies and Processes

This document defines due process requirements for development of CLSI consensus documents and related activities. An understanding of these Administrative Procedures enables participants to familiarize themselves with the procedures and principles of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), maximize their level of participation, and appreciate the significance of their individual and collective contributions.

CLSI Style Guide for Authors and Editors

This document provides guidance related to CLSI document structure and style, as well as general resources related to document development.

Privacy Policy

CLSI respects the privacy of all of our members and visitors to our website. To ensure your privacy is protected, we have implemented the following policy.

Volunteer Meeting and Reimbursement Policy and Guidelines

The Volunteer Meeting and Reimbursement Policy is applicable for CLSI volunteers, and is intended to assist CLSI volunteers with the proper guidelines pertaining to CLSI-related travel while managing costs and maintaining efficient business processes. Volunteers may contact their staff project managers with any questions.



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