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CLSI Announces 2015 Excellence Awards Winners

Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA—July 2015—CLSI Excellence Awards are bestowed upon volunteers who are dedicated and committed to CLSI’s mission, and are recognized for significantly contributing their services to the development, implementation, and promotion of consensus standards. The winners were nominated by their peers and then selected by the CLSI Awards Committee. CLSI volunteers are essential to the organization’s mission to develop best practices in clinical and laboratory testing, and promote their use worldwide.

CLSI congratulates all of the 2015 Excellence Awards winners:

Excellence in Consensus Management

This award is presented to the volunteer project leader(s) who has/have exhibited extraordinary management and/or oversight skills instrumental to the successful completion of a CLSI project(s). Such an individual would be dedicated to CLSI’s consensus process of document development, and an enthusiastic proponent of the organization as a whole.

Marlies Ledford-Kraemer, MBA, BS, MT(ASCP)SH, President at CLOT-ED, Inc.

Excellence in Global Leadership in Standards Development

This award is presented to the volunteer(s) who is/are extraordinarily committed to CLSI’s mission to reach out to and involve the global health care community in the development of projects and best practices. Such an individual would be well recognized internationally as a CLSI advocate.

Thomas R. Shryock, PhD, Senior Microbiology Research Advisor for Elanco Animal Health, a Division of Eli Lilly & Co.

Dianne R. Webster, PhD, FHGSA, National Testing Center Director at LabPlus Auckland District Health Board

Excellence in Member Organization Leadership

This award is presented to the member organization(s) that offer(s) exemplary support to CLSI and its mission to maintain leadership in the domain of document development. Such an organization proves to be an effective participant at all stages of project development, rather than assisting through financial support alone.

New York State Department of Health


Excellence in Standards Development

This award is presented to the volunteer or group of volunteers who makes a significant contribution to the development of a consensus standard, guideline, or other work product. Such an individual (or group) would be dedicated and committed to CLSI consensus development, and an enthusiastic participant throughout the consensus process.

Karen Bush, PhD, Professor of Practice in Biotechnology at Indiana University

Mary K. York, PhD, ABMM, UCSF Medical Center China Basin

John V. Bergen Award

The John V. Bergen Award is presented annually to an outstanding volunteer or group of volunteers in recognition of advances in CLSI organizational directives and objectives, through unique and significant contributions. Nominations for this award are sought and selections made by the Awards Committee (in consultation with the CLSI President).

Devery Howerton, PhD, MS, MT(ASCP)SI, Former Deputy Director of the Division of Laboratory Programs, Standards and Services at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Russell J. Eilers Award

The highest award presented by CLSI is the Eilers Award, which is given annually to an individual who clearly values the development of standards within a consensus-driven process that balances the viewpoints of industry, government, and the health care professions, and who demonstrates this commitment through service to CLSI. The recipient of this award is selected by the CLSI President in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Mary Lou Gantzer, PhD, FACB, CEO at BioCore Diagnostics, LLC

To learn more about these awards or to view past award winners, visit

CLSI is a not-for-profit membership organization that brings together the varied perspectives and expertise of the worldwide laboratory community for the advancement of a common cause: to foster excellence in laboratory medicine by developing and implementing clinical laboratory standards and guidelines that help laboratories fulfill their responsibilities with efficiency, effectiveness, and global applicability. For additional information, visit the CLSI website at, follow us on Twitter @CLSI_LabNews, or call 610.688.0100.



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