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Find the help you need to implement “EP23–THE RIGHT QC” plan for your laboratory.

EP23-A—Laboratory Quality Control Based on Risk Management; Approved Guideline

EP23-A—Implementation Workbook: A Practical Guide for Laboratory Quality Control Based on Risk Management

EP23-A—Worksheet: A Sample Form for Laboratory Quality Control Based on Risk Management

EP23 Online Workshop: Risk-Based Tools for IQCP Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions About EP23

1. What is the difference between EP23 and IQCP?

2. How do I obtain the workbook and worksheet?

3. Will it be required to perform this quality process analysis and document it for each procedure performed in your laboratory, or can you group certain similar procedures (eg, same instrument) together in this plan?

4. Is there a planned format for a risk assessment spreadsheet and an IQCP to show surveyors?

5. How do we address waived tests using this new way of performing QC?

6. As a College of American Pathologists (CAP)–regulated laboratory, what will change for us?

7. Since equivalent quality control (EQC) is no longer going to be recognized, will it still be a requirement to perform the 20-day validation?

8. Can we buy more than one workbook or worksheet?

9. Are the workbook and worksheet available electronically or in paper format? What is the cost of these items?

10. Do you offer bulk purchases at a discount?

11. Do you offer education on how to implement the guidance in EP23?

12. Do you offer a free education template for EP18/EP23 Sources of Failure?

13. Do I have to choose a test on which to perform an IQCP? I don’t think I have any tests within the laboratory that need to be addressed with an IQCP.

Still have questions about EP23? E-mail for more information.

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