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Through our Global Health Partnerships (GHP) program, CLSI provides international outreach services and hands-on support to laboratories in resource-constrained countries, helping them achieve sustainable quality with systems to better diagnose and treat patients with infectious diseases.

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Where We’re Working

We are currently providing support programs to laboratories all over the world. Hover over the highlighted map markers to learn where; click on the marker to learn more about our involvement at that location.

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Achieving Sustainable Results

GHP has provided support services and mentoring to laboratories in 20+ RESOURCE CONSTRAINED COUNTRIES.

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Achieve Sustainable Results

See GHP in Action

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See how our tireless volunteers are helping laboratories around the world improve quality.

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GHP By the Numbers

number of resource-constrained countries we’re working in

number of partners we collaborate with worldwide

workshops that have allowed GHP Staff to reach over 4,000 laboratory professionals globally

CLSI touched every element of laboratory operations. The laboratory staff appreciated the continuing education on quality control, safety, and documentation.”

– Medard Beyanga, Laboratory  Quality Officer, Bugando  Medical Center


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