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Tanzanian Laboratory Professionals Trained to Assess Laboratories for Quality

Volunteers and staff for the Global Health Partnerships (GHP) team of CLSI presented a local quality assessor training workshop in June 2011, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The week-long program, which was attended by 13 laboratory professionals, is part of the process by which staff members from laboratories in Tanzania are trained to assess laboratories throughout the country to maintain and improve quality.

For several years, CLSI has worked closely with Tanzania’s laboratories to improve quality and, ultimately, earn accreditation. The assessor workshop covered topics such as the elements of an effective and comprehensive assessment, the ways in which the ISO 151891 standard should be used for base assessments, and the criteria associated with assessment scoring. The workshop also provided direction on the use of a number of CLSI quality management system–related documents, such as GP262 and GP293, as well as standards from the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa. Presenters engaged the participants in conversations about professionalism and what it means to be an assessor.


At the start of the week, the workshop participants identified areas of improvement, and by the conclusion of the workshop, they achieved competence in those areas. This accomplishment resulted from close study of the standards, accompanied by many animated discussions regarding the meaning of various requirements. All participants were actively engaged in the conversations and their progress was measured with pre- and post-tests, which featured identical questions before and after the training sessions. The results revealed a 15% average increase in scores between the pre- and post-tests.



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