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Assisting Laboratories in Countries Around the World

GHP staff and volunteers travel the globe to give resource-constrained laboratories the tools and training they need to succeed.

We are currently providing support programs to laboratories all over the world. Hover over the highlighted map markers to learn where; click on the marker to learn more about our involvement at that location.

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Program Locations

While GHP is always expanding its support services to new areas, we have assisted or are currently providing programs to laboratories in the following locations:


2013 – GHP is assisting the Republican Veterinary Laboratory (RVL) in Azerbaijan with the implementation of quality management systems and preparing the staff to apply for ISO 17025 accreditation. The GHP team began working with RVL and GHP contractor, Faisal Ibrahim, MBA, MT(ASCP), in 2011 after the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) spent more than $1 million on extensive renovations to the laboratory, which is operated by Azerbaijan’s State Veterinary Service, as part of an effort to monitor for extremely dangerous pathogens.


2013 – GHP volunteer Gaman Modi and contractor Faisal Ibrahim, MBA, MT(ASCP), provided three months of mentoring (February, March, June) at the Ethiopia Health and Nutritional Research Institute (EHNRI) supporting the accreditation initiatives at the National Reference Laboratories and the quality support by the Regional Laboratory Capacity Building Directorate (RLCBD).

In July, CLSI, EHNRI, and CDC-Ethiopia will jointly conduct a three-day meeting:
Workshop on Roles of Health Facility Management in Laboratory Quality Improvement.


2013 – GHP Vice President Karen McClure, PhD, MLS(ASCP)SBB, and CLSI volunteer Devery Howerton, PhD, MS, MT (ASCP), will conduct a quality management system workshop for the U.S. Pacific Islands laboratorians in Guam in August 2013.


2013 – CLSI conducted a 3-part Laboratory Quality Assessor Training Program for 16 participants. The team consisted of Connie Adams, MT(ASCP), Fran Ingersoll, MS, MLS(ASCP), Patrick Mateta, MT, MBA, and CLSI Volunteer Adi Nkwonta.


2013 – In February 2013, GHP Directors Frances Ingersoll, MS, MLS(ASCP), and Connie Adams, MT(ASCP), delivered a quality management systems (QMS) workshop to 26 laboratory directors and key personnel from the 23 Blood Transfusion Services of Kazakhstan. The five-day workshop covered a range of topics, including external quality assurance, setting up quality indicators, and facilities and safety. They distributed two CLSI documents that had been translated into Russian: The Key to Quality and QMS01 (formerly GP26). The directors will return to Kazakhstan in July for a second workshop.

In February 2013, GHP International Projects Specialist Adja Thiouf, and CLSI volunteer Pauline Cyr, conducted an assessment of the Diagnostic Laboratory at the Almaty City Center for AIDS Prevention and Control in Kazakhstan. The CLSI team discovered that none of the laboratory staff were trained or familiar with QMS concepts or terminology. A member of the laboratory’s staff had attended a 2011 CLSI workshop and received CLSI documents, but had left the laboratory, taking the information with her. Thiouf and Cyr returned to the country in May 2013 for additional laboratory gap assessments. Adams, Thiouf, and Cyr returned again in July 2013 to conduct a document development workshop for the HIV laboratories.


2013 – CLSI’s Global Health Partnerships staff and Board of Directors President Mary Lou Gantzer, PhD, FACB, are working with the Kenya Medical Technicians and Technologists Board to launch an ambitious program to validate laboratory equipment and reagents as they enter the country. The scope of this validation project is unprecedented among the developing countries in the region.

After an initial meeting in January 2013, Dr. Gantzer and GHP Director Fran Ingersoll returned to Kenya in April 2013 to conduct a validation workshop and provide technical assistance to the board as its members develop the program’s policies and procedures. They will travel to Kenya again in August 2013 to lead workshops for managers in the labs selected as potential validation sites.


2013 – GHP Director Connie Adams, MT(ASCP), and volunteers Palmira Ventosilla-Lopez, Carmen Nogueira, and Vlademir Cantarelli, traveled to Mozambique in February 2013 to lead a Standard Operating Procedure Workshop for blood bank workers and a second workshop for the SLMTA Trainers. Adams returned with GHP Director Frances Ingersoll, MS, MLS(ASCP), in June 2013 to assist with laboratory quality policy development.

Accreditation preparedness support continues to the Mozambique External Quality Assurance program with CLSI volunteer Ruben David.


2013 – CLSI has been working with Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) in collaboration with CDC Namibia to strengthen and build local laboratory capacity to implement and sustain quality management systems since 2008. Through this collaborative effort, the NIP Reference Laboratory (Windhoek Central Reference Laboratory) successfully attained accreditation aligned with ISO17025 in October 2010. This laboratory has maintained this status since then. Ongoing activities have seen four more laboratories under NIP attaining different levels of recognition after ASLM assessments in July 2013.


2013 – GHP Director Fran Ingersoll, MS, MLS(ASCP), Senior Program Manager Patrick Mateta, MT, MBA, and Contracts Administrator Juma Ally led two assessor workshops in Nigeria in the first half of 2013; another workshop is scheduled for August 2013.

GHP Program Manager Leonard LaFazia, MS, MLS (ASCP), spent two weeks in Nigeria in June 2013 mentoring on quality management systems and assisting with the writing of a quality manual.


2013 – The country where CLSI first launched its Global Health Partnerships program six years ago is advising Tanzania’s laboratory system leaders on the development of a national laboratory policy. CLSI Board of Directors President Mary Lou Gantzer, PhD, FACB, and GHP Senior Program Manager Patrick Mateta, MT, MBA, and GHP Director Connie Adams, MT(ASCP), began meeting with local officials in 2012 to work on the new policy and returned in June 2013 to review the first draft.

In September, two CLSI staff members and a volunteer travelled to Tanga, Tanzania, to conduct mentor training for 40 laboratorians from across the country. The objective of this workshop was to reinforce and strengthen the local mentoring capabilities. Participants spent five days in an intensive practical-based workshop learning how to develop documents that support quality management systems. At the end of the workshop, participants were assigned to mentor laboratories in implementing quality.

Ongoing activities in Tanzania include laboratory mentoring, a training of local mentors, and ongoing support to the laboratories preparing for international accreditation.


2013 – GHP is expanding its Quality Management Systems for Laboratory Leaders Certificate Program after graduating its first class in Vietnam last year. GHP welcomed a new class of students in August 2013 in Vietnam and will launch the course in Ghana next year.

The certificate program is designed for people working in leadership positions who have influence over a country’s laboratory policy. The year-long curriculum focuses on the 12 quality system essentials (QSEs) and related standards aimed at providing the officials with the skills and tools to improve laboratory efficiency and testing accuracy.


2013 – GHP conducted the Quality Mentor Training Series, consisting of two 4-day workshops. The first took place in May 2013 and the second in July 2013. Fourteen of the participants received certificates of training.

From August 11 through September 7, 2013, Faisal Ibrahim, the CLSI International Program Manager, is conducting a four week mentorship at Ndola Central Hospital lab in Ndola, Zambia.


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