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CLSI Member Spotlight

Premier Health

Michelle (Shelly) S. Thomas, BS, MT(ASCP)
Laboratory Project Coordinator


Tell us a little about yourself and your relationship to CLSI.

I am the System Laboratory Project Coordinator for Premier Health. Premier Health joined CLSI as a new Health System member in February 2016.

Tell us a little about your health system and how your laboratories are set up. 

Premier Health is a comprehensive system that provides service across the region. Premier Health is the largest health system in Southwest Ohio, with laboratories in four hospitals, off-site campuses, and free-standing Emergency Departments, as well as a partnership with CompuNet Clinical Laboratories that serves as Premier Health’s reference and core laboratory. Our laboratories are in the beginning stages of operating as a system lab rather than four independent hospital departments.


What does CLSI mean to your organization? 

The CLSI Health System membership was a no-brainer for our organization. As our laboratory budgets are shrinking and being scrutinized, CLSI allows for all our sites to have access to valuable information for unlimited users rather than paying for multiple, separate memberships that quickly add up in costs to the system as a whole.

Are there any major initiatives that the Health System membership and CLSI documents will help with to improve quality throughout your labs? 

As I mentioned, our labs are in the beginning stages of becoming a system laboratory. A major initiative resulting from these efforts is the implementation of a Laboratory Information System (LIS). We are transitioning from four separate LIS to a standardized LIS, which will be invaluable to our customers. This implementation requires our teams to bring four independent and sometimes very different LIS laboratory workflows and test menus, and resulting patterns, policies, and procedures, into a consistent and uniform practice. CLSI’s standards and guidelines are helping to drive best practices as we make decisions as a system laboratory.


What features of the new eCLIPSE Ultimate Access™ platform do you find are most beneficial to your laboratories?

Before eCLIPSE, we were searching through locally saved PDF documents to find needed references. This is cumbersome and time consuming. The eCLIPSE platform’s key word search is very helpful when you know what you need help with but are unsure of the document it might be found in. The platform is also great for us in that it allows multiple technologists to view documents at the same time as well as make personal notes within a document they are using. We are just at the beginning of our system membership, so I’m sure we’ll find even more helpful tricks as time goes on!



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