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Our new Health Care Professions category was specifically developed to provide your laboratory with the most relevant membership benefits.

Choose from Level I, II, or III and get discounts on CLSI products, services, and programs between 50% and 70% off—as well as an array of additional value-add offerings.


Gain discounted access to more resources than ever, including new subscription products, helpful companion tools, and interactive online offerings that supplement our extensive line of standards.


Use your membership discount to earn cost-effective continuing education credits from webinars, workshops, and NEW online learning programs addressing the latest industry topics, such as quality control and disaster recovery, as well as focused sessions directly related to your specialty area.


Collaborate for a common cause within our NEW online, social CLSI Communities. Join your colleagues in conversations about your specialty area, sharing your passion and expertise while learning from theirs.


Only through CLSI membership do you have the opportunity to participate in the CLSI standards development process. Gain a seat at the table with influential professionals and directly contribute to standards that affect the work you do each day.



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