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CLSI’s Recent Activities in Asia

This autumn, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) Board members and staff have been hard at work advancing CLSI’s mission with our members and colleagues in Asia.

In mid-September, CLSI Chief Executive Officer Glen Fine, MS, MBA, CAE, traveled within the People’s Republic of China to assist CLSI organizational member DaAn Health of Sun Yat-sen University with the implementation of important elements of the Chinese health care reform initiative. The trip focused on CLSI standards and their use in a tiered accreditation model, hands-on training, and quality management system principles that use a train-the-trainers model. Mr. Fine also had informative meetings with local, regional, and national government officials to advocate for the important role of laboratory medicine as a pillar for implementing reform. The two organizations signed a five-year partnership agreement that outlines progressive activities for both organizations with respect to memberships, standards resources, education, and training.”

In mid-October, CLSI President Greg Miller, PhD, also visited DaAn Health in Guangzhou, China. Dr. Miller’s trip featured discussions that focused on additional collaboration opportunities with CLSI. He toured community health centers, which are key areas in China for enhanced, quality laboratory practices. Dr. Miller also gave a lecture on test harmonization at Sun Yat-sen University and attended meetings with government officials.

CLSI President-Elect, Jack Zakowski, PhD, FACB, had a busy schedule in October, traveling throughout Asia for his employer, Beckman Coulter. During his travels, Dr. Zakowski was able to advocate for CLSI in all six countries he toured—China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. He particularly focused on how to improve global laboratory standardization through the use of CLSI standards. Notably, Dr. Zakowski delivered a plenary lecture at the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine’s (KSLM’s) 56th Annual Meeting. Over the past five years, CLSI has built a strong relationship with KSLM in regard to education and standards development, working together to translate numerous CLSI standards into the Korean language to provide Korean laboratories with the tools they need.

In early November, CLSI staff members Karen McClure, PhD, MLS(ASCP)SBB, Vice President of Global Health Partnerships (GHP), and Connie Adams, MT(ASCP), Director of GHP, traveled to China on behalf of CLSI to train and observe selected DaAn Health laboratory staff in CLSI’s quality management system, auditing principles, and accreditation preparedness activities. They helped to train assessors who will assist over 2,000 community-level laboratories achieve some level of certification in the next few years. The next step in the training program will focus on teaching top-level staff within DaAn Health to disseminate knowledge using a train-the-trainers model.

Dr. McClure and Ms. Adams also traveled to Guiyang, China, located in the Guizhou District, to speak with laboratory directors about CLSI and laboratory standardization. The presentation sparked a large interest and generated conversation around the CLSI and DaAn Health partnership model in regards to health care reform. The CLSI GHP team has also been very active with its work on the Quality Management Systems for Laboratory Leaders Certificate Program in Vietnam, as well as quality improvement efforts in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

CLSI continues to provide international outreach services and hands-on support to global laboratories. Contact us today at to set up training in your laboratory, so you can better diagnose and treat patients!


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