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Enhanced Document Layout

CLSI is working to improve the ease of use of our standards by implementing a new enhanced layout that uses content grids, infographics, and “standardizes” our standards. The new quick references (or “call-outs”) and colorful design layout are intended to ease the implementation and comprehension.

Document Layout2 Document Layout1

The following documents have been put into the new enhanced document layout:

EP05-A3Evaluation of Precision of Quantitative Measurement Procedures; Approved Guideline—Third Edition

EP15-A3User Verification of Precision and Estimation of Bias; Approved Guideline—Third Edition

EP23-ALaboratory Quality Control Based on Risk Management; Approved Guideline

QMS01-A4Quality Management System: A Model for Laboratory Services; Approved Guideline—Fourth Edition

QMS15-AAssessments: Laboratory Internal Audit Program; Approved Guideline

QMS18-Ed1Process Management, 1st Edition

QMS20-RUnderstanding the Cost of Quality in the Laboratory; A Report

If you have an eCLIPSE Ultimate Access account, you can view these documents in their new layout electronically. If you don’t have access, you can start by previewing their sample pages in the CLSI Shop to see the exciting new layout first hand!



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