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How do I participate on a CLSI committee?

Does my organization need to be a member before I can volunteer?

What types of documents and products does CLSI offer?

What does 'consensus' mean in the context of the CLSI consensus process?

I have an idea for a project, how do I suggest it?

How do I volunteer to participate on a CLSI committee?

What are the requirements to become a CLSI volunteer?

What are the roles and responsibilities of participants on a Consensus Council?

What are the roles and responsibilities of participants on an Expert Panel?

What are the roles and responsibilities of participants on a CLSI document development group?

Who is eligible for reimbursement of meeting expenses?

What is the CLSI process for developing a consensus standard or guidelines?

Who is allowed to review a document in development?

How do I submit a comment on a CLSI document?

How are minority options handled in the CLSI consensus process?

Does CLSI have an appeals process?

What is CLSI's policy on harmonization of terms and methods?

What are the differences between the Consensus Council, Expert Panels, and document development groups?

Is CLSI an accredited standards development organization?

How is voting conducted on CLSI documents? Who is eligible to vote?

What is CLSI Workspace?

What is Okta? I received an e-mail about it.



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