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Access CLSI standards with eCLIPSE Ultimate Access, an enhanced, premium platform with advanced features including personalization and collaboration, user-friendly views of documents and tables of contents, direct linking to referenced materials, and customized alert functions!

New Features Available

  • Unlimited – 24/7 online access
  • Comprehensive – Every current CLSI standard
  • Searchable – Key Word search of the title or full text
  • Accessible – Download PDFs for offline use
  • Interactive – Add bookmarks and comments

Explore New Features

Find and Discover

  • Document Number Search: Search for partial or full CLSI document numbers.
  • Key Word Search: Search words or phrases within the titles or abstracts of the documents.
  • Full Text Search: Users can search for a key word or phrase within the full text of the documents.
  • Filters: Users can filter the list of results by document category or key words.
  • Link Peek: This unique feature displays a sample of a referenced document, an individual page, or another section without leaving the current view. The Link Peek window is displayed alongside the current view for easy access to referenced content.
  • Page-by-Page Online PDF View: Documents are displayed in an interactive page-by-page view rather than as a continuous stream of pages. This feature is available without downloading the PDF, and no viewer plugin is required. This user friendly view allows users to access various value added features, which enable personalization and collaboration.
  • Table of Contents: The table of contents is displayed alongside the document for easy access. It contains page numbers, top-level sections, and a list of tables and figures that users can access directly by clicking on the linked item.
  • Linking: This feature allows automatic conversion of the CLSI document references whithin a document into to hyperlinks. The linking feature allows users to easily access related CLSI documents.
  • Related Documents: This feature provides both the list of documents that are referenced in the current document and the list of documents that refer to the current document. The list is displayed alongside the document for easy access.

Personalize and Collaborate

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