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CLSI Standards Can Help Keep Your Laboratory Safe!

Take 10% OFF CLSI lab safety standards GP05-A3, GP17-A3, M29-A4, or GP36-A between now and December 31, 2014 with the promo code LABSAFE2014.


GP17A3_Cover_ElectronicPrepare your laboratory with one of our leading clinical laboratory safety standards.

Clinical Laboratory Safety; Approved Guideline—Third Edition (GP17-A3)

This document contains general recommendations for implementing a high-quality laboratory safety program, which are provided in a framework that is adaptable within any laboratory.

M29A4Protect your staff from occupationally acquired infections.

Protection of Laboratory Workers From Occupationally Acquired Infections; Approved Guideline—Fourth Edition (M29-A4)

This document provides guidance on the risk of transmission of infectious agents by aerosols, droplets, blood, and body substances in a laboratory setting; specific precautions for preventing the laboratory transmission of microbial infection from laboratory instruments and materials; and recommendations for the management of exposure to infectious agents.

GP05A3_Cover_ElectronicEnsure your laboratory properly handles waste.

Clinical Laboratory Waste Management; Approved Guideline—Third Edition (GP05-A3)

This document provides guidance on the safe handling and disposal of chemical, infectious, radioactive, and multihazardous wastes generated in the clinical laboratory.

GP27-A2_EV_ImageEnhance emergency preparedness in your facility.

Planning for Laboratory Operations During a Disaster; Approved Guideline (GP36-A)

This document provides guidance for laboratory and health care leadership for development, implementation, and sustainment of effective, all hazards, emergency preparedness plans supporting nonanalytical components of clinical and public health laboratory services that may pertain to various natural and manmade disasters.


*Although these documents are valuable resources for a wider audience, they are intended for use primarily in the United States.



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