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Consensus Council

This body, composed of selected volunteers, provides holistic process oversight of all documents developed through the CLSI consensus process.

The Consensus Council is the authority over all CLSI standards development activities, including project approval, prioritization, status assessment, and consensus approval for document publication. The Consensus Council serves as the consensus body for CLSI, and ensures that CLSI’s standards development activities are in alignment with Board-directed organizational priorities, CLSI’s mission and vision, budget, and resource availability.


  • Tentatively approves project proposals, including the proposed chairholder (and vice-chairholder, if known), before the Call for Volunteers for the project
  • Approves, disapproves, and prioritizes all standards development projects and their rosters
  • Renders final approval for projects, including the project roster
  • Regularly reviews the status (progress, schedules, budgets, issues) of all projects in development; takes action to keep projects on schedule, (eg, reprioritize, cancel, postpone, provide guidance, coach, make changes to personnel, enforce deadlines) as needed
  • Actions as the liasion, as needed, with the Expert Panels for technical reviews or advice on technical matters
  • Renders the final consensus approval for publication based on review of the following activities in the process. NOTE: Expert panels should be contacted if questions arise during the approval process.
    • Ensures that the CLSI Standards Development Policies and Processes were properly followed
    • Ensures that the comment response process was properly followed (eg, reasonably stated explanations for non-acceptance of comments)
    • Ensures all comments were appropriately resolved (with advice from expert panel chairholders, vice-chairholders, and staff project managers)
  • Hears process or technical appeals and renders an opinion
  • Upholds the CLSI consensus process
  • Uses CLSI resources wisely

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