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Get Involved—Volunteer with CLSI!

Don’t just follow the gold standard. Set it.

CLSI offers unmatched opportunity to maximize your voice in the global laboratory health care community as you work alongside colleagues and experts from diverse sectors to improve patient care worldwide.

Through our various volunteer opportunities, you’ll not only have a seat at the table with many influential members of the health care community, but have a chance to contribute your own expertise to the development and implementation of world-respected clinical laboratory testing standards.

Why Volunteer?

By donating your time and talents to improve the standards that affect your own work, you will play an active role in improving public health across the globe.

  • Take part in developing the standards that affect the work you do each day.
  • Directly impact and improve quality in laboratory medicine by sharing your expertise.
  • Enrich your career and resumé through your contributions.
  • Gain recognition from CLSI, your organization, your colleagues, and your community.

james nichols on volunteering
Dr. James Nichols, Medical Director at Vanderbilt, discusses his volunteer experience and how others can get actively involved.
greg miller on volunteering
W. Gregory Miller, Professor from Virginia Commonwealth University and CLSI’s President, shares his thoughts on the personal and professional importance of volunteering with CLSI.

Types of Opportunities

Volunteer in the Standards Development Process

Set the standards in laboratory medicine by taking part in CLSI’s document development process.
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Volunteer with Global Health Partnerships

Provide hands-on training and support to help laboratories in resource-constrained countries establish and improve their quality management systems using CLSI’s models and products.
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Volunteer Qualifications

Though you should be familiar with and use our documents, you don’t have to have an advanced degree to participate; nor do you have to be a voting member of a committee. If you begin as a contributor; and provide significant value to the project, not only will you be recognized in the published document, you may also be asked to become a voting member should a slot become available; and it is quite likely that you will be asked to participate as a voting member of a future CLSI project.



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