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CLSI Excellence Awards

These awards celebrate the achievements of volunteers who have helped improve the quality of medical care worldwide.

Nomination and Selection Process


Thank you for participating in the 2017 Excellence Awards nomination process. Recipients have been selected and notified. The 2017 awards cycle is complete. Please check back in September to participate in the 2018 process.

See the 2017 Awards recipients here.

If you have questions about any of the awards, or about the nomination procedures, please contact Stephanie Robinson.

CLSI Awards Program

CLSI celebrates the achievement of volunteers who have contributed their services to the development of voluntary consensus standards and guidelines and other CLSI documents and programs in the following ways:

Russell J. Eilers Award

CLSI’s highest award is the Russell J. Eilers Award. One award is given annually to an individual or group selected by the CLSI President (in consultation with the CLSI Board Executive Committee) as having made an outstanding contribution to CLSI’s success. This award was established in 1986 and has been presented every year since then in memory of CLSI’s founding president. The award is selected (with Board Executive Committee Concurrence) and presented by the CLSI President.

John V. Bergen Excellence Award

The John V. Bergen Excellence Award is presented annually to an outstanding volunteer or group of volunteers in recognition of advances in CLSI organizational directives and objectives, through unique and significant contributions. Nominations for this award are sought and selections made by the Awards Committee (in consultation with the CLSI President). The award is presented by the CLSI President.

Excellence in Standards Development

This award is presented to the volunteer or group of volunteers who makes a significant contribution to the development of a consensus standard, guideline, or other work product. Such an individual (or group) would be dedicated and committed to CLSI consensus development, and an enthusiastic participant throughout the consensus process.

Examples of efforts that could qualify an individual for consideration include:

  • Zealous advocacy and participation in project development
  • Research undertaken to resolve a question or support a tenet
  • Extraordinary time commitment that was critical to project success
  • Personal intervention to overcome obstacles in project development

Excellence in Consensus Management

This award is presented to the volunteer project leader(s) who has/have exhibited extraordinary management and/or oversight skills instrumental to the successful completion of a CLSI project(s). Such an individual would be dedicated to CLSI’s consensus process of document development, and an enthusiastic proponent of the organization as a whole.

Examples of efforts that could qualify an individual for consideration include:

  • Reducing project timelines and completing projects within budget
  • Successful completion of a controversial and/or complex project
  • Facilitation of resolution of issues preventing consensus
  • Zealous recruitment of highly qualified project participants and direction of their efforts to a successful completion

Excellence in Member Organization Leadership

This award is presented to the member organization that offers exemplary support to CLSI and its mission to maintain leadership in the domain of document development. Such an organization proves to be an effective participant at all stages of project development, rather than assisting through financial support alone.

Examples of efforts that could qualify an organization for consideration include:

  • Consistently effective and timely efforts to solicit member organization input from a diverse base
  • Extraordinary advocacy within the member organization that ensures ongoing CLSI participation
  • Effective leadership within a sector that encourages other organizations to participate in CLSI



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