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Maximize Your Voice in the Global Laboratory Health Care Community

Set the standards for quality in laboratory testing as a CLSI standards development volunteer.

Do you use CLSI documents in your workplace? Do you see room for improvement? Would you like to get involved in the revision process? Or maybe you see a need to develop a new document for an emerging technology?

CLSI is always looking for volunteers to develop high quality documents and considers all nominations when forming new committees. Though often nominated by peers, participants can also volunteer themselves.

Call for Volunteers

CLSI is requesting nominations for volunteers to serve as members and contributors on document development committees for a new project and a document revision.

New Project: Purchasing and Inventory: Management of Laboratory Supplies and Suppliers

This guideline will describe regulatory and accreditation requirements for the quality system essential (QSE) Purchasing and Inventory, and offer ideas on how to fulfill them. It will focus on developing processes and procedures for qualifying suppliers; participating in purchasing activities; receiving and evaluating incoming materials; and ensuring uninterrupted availability of reagents, supplies, and services to support laboratory operations and fulfill quality requirements.

Click here to review more project details.

Specific Expertise and Work Experience Needed

  • Experience in the process of supplier qualification
  • Experience with purchasing and management of laboratory supplies
  • Expertise in the development, implementation, and standardization of quality management systems for use in the medical laboratory environment
  • Experience in medical testing and/or other health care fields, including, but not limited to, clinicians, administrators with regulatory oversight, laboratory managers and staff, and related hospital personnel
  • Representatives of interested governmental agencies and industries related to health care

Document Revision: Training and Competence Assessment (currently CLSI document QMS03)

This guideline will provide the necessary background information and processes to assist clinical laboratories in developing training and competence assessment programs that will meet specific quality and regulatory objectives. To be effective, training must be built on a solid foundation of documented operations processes and procedures with accompanying training documents. The competence of staff members to perform their respective assigned tasks needs to be assessed initially after training and periodically thereafter. This guideline will provide a structured approach for using documented work processes, related procedures, training guides, and assessment tools for the development of training and competence assessment programs.

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Development Schedule

Successful completion of a CLSI document is dependent upon the commitment of committee volunteers. Generally, volunteers can expect to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week on CLSI document development or revision activities. Committee chairholders can expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours on committee activities per week during the development or revision phase. Specific timelines have been determined for the new project and the document revision. If you are unable to participate in committee activities on the development dates scheduled, please reconsider your nomination. 

Committee Roles and Essential Duties

Details on the roles and essential duties of committee participants can be found here. 

Requirements for Nomination Consideration

All nominees are required to submit the following documentation in order for their nominations to be considered:

  • Completed volunteer nomination form
  • Current curriculum vitae or resume
  • Completed CLSI Disclosure of Interests form

Membership/Administrative Fee Requirement

Payment of an annual administrative fee is required for participation on CLSI committees. If you or your organization is a member of CLSI, the annual fee is included in your membership dues; no additional payment is required. For CLSI nonmembers, upon payment of the administrative fee, you will receive a complimentary Individual Associate Membership. More information on CLSI membership can be found here.

Due Date for Submission of Required Documentation

Please specify your preferred role on the committee for consideration when completing the committee volunteer nomination form. Upon receipt of your volunteer nomination form, a disclosure of interests form will be sent to you for completion.

Please submit nominations and required documentation on or before July 24, 2014.

Questions? Please contact Stephanie Robinson at

To find the latest opportunities to participate on our standards development committees, check out our volunteer postings. If you have a new project you’d like to propose, you can submit your idea here.


Luann Ochs video

Luann Ochs, Senior VP of CLSI, elaborates on the benefits and significance of volunteering.


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