To view a list of CLSI documents helpful for COVID-19 testing click here.
To view a list of CLSI documents helpful for COVID-19 testing click here.

CLSI at the 2020 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Laboratory Exposition

Who We Are

The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) is a globally recognized not-for-profit standards development organization with over 24,000 individuals with membership access, 1,200 volunteers, and 250+ products. Our standards are recognized by laboratories, accreditors, and government agencies around the world as the best way to improve medical laboratory testing.

What We Offer

Globally Recognized Standards Documents

Developed by our members for use by the global laboratory community, CLSI’s consensus-based medical laboratory standards are the most widely recognized resources for continually improving testing quality, safety, and efficiency. Organizations use CLSI standards to improve their testing outcomes, maintain accreditation, bring products to market faster, and navigate regulatory hurdles.

An Unmatched Volunteering Experience

Through a consensus-based process, CLSI’s standards are developed and written by volunteer committees of leading experts in the field of laboratory medicine. Our volunteer committees share information from their own laboratory work to create documents used by the medical laboratory community to improve processes, pass and maintain accreditation, meet regulatory requirements, and more.

A Committed Membership Base

Our members help support volunteer committee work and encourage their staff to participate on document development committees. Members are also asked to review, comment, and vote on CLSI documents before they are published—ensuring that the document development process is fair and unbiased, and that everyone has a seat at the table.

Online Learning for Labs Everywhere

CLSI offers high-quality eLearning programs that allow you to access the best training anywhere and anytime. We offer on-demand webinars, live webinars, and online certificate programs. Learn from laboratory experts and earn P.A.C.E.® CE Credits today.

Global Training and Partnerships

Through our Partnerships program, CLSI provides international outreach services and hands-on support to laboratories around the world, helping them achieve sustainable quality with systems to better diagnose and treat patients with infectious diseases.

Free COVID-19 Resources

We have compiled a list of helpful documents for the lab community’s use during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view these documents, learn how they help with COVID-19 testing, and access sample pages. Plus, some CLSI documents are free for a limited time.

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