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CLSI at the 2023 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Laboratory Exposition July 23-27, 2023

Be sure to stop by CLSI booth #911 to:

  • Hear more about our free resources.
  • Ask questions about CLSI standards and training opportunities.
  • Learn about recently released documents, educational products, and what's in development.
  • Discover how to get involved by joining as a CLSI member or serving on a committee.
  • Receive exclusive, expo-only offers and support!

Join our team and meet CLSI's CEO, Barb Jones, on Tuesday, July 25th from 4:00-5:00 PM for a Happy Hour at booth #911. Enjoy food and beverages and grab some CLSI swag!

Featured Products | View and purchase our recently published products.


Procedure for Confirming the Acceptability of Mueller-Hinton Agar Sources for Subsequent Use in CLSI and/or EUCAST Studies to Establish Disk Diffusion QC Ranges, 1st Edition

This document describes the necessary technical steps for confirming the acceptability of Mueller-Hinton agar sources for subsequent use in CLSI and/or EUCAST studies to establish disk diffusion quality control ranges.


Molecular Testing for Heritable Genetics and Specimen Identification, 4th Edition

This guideline provides recommendations for detecting and reporting genetic variation associated with heritable conditions.


Use of Delta Checks in the Medical Laboratory, 2nd Edition

This guideline provides approaches for selecting measurands for which delta checks are useful, establishing delta check limits and rules for comparing current clinical reported results with previously reported results for a given patient, initiating delta check alerts in the laboratory information system, investigating patient samples with delta check alerts, and evaluating the effectiveness of the laboratory’s delta check program.


Development of In Vitro Susceptibility Test Methods, Breakpoints, and Quality Control Parameters, 6th Edition

This guideline includes the necessary and recommended data for selecting appropriate breakpoints and quality control ranges for antimicrobial agents.

Subscription Product

Gap Analysis Tool

CLSI’s new Gap Analysis Tool can help personnel quickly and easily assess whether their laboratory is in compliance with QMS requirements and can track progress toward achieving complete compliance.

CLSI is committed to global public health and safety

Free Resources

Access free CLSI resources on a variety of topics, including AST, method evaluation, and POCT. These useful products include webinars, standards, and our new Breakpoint Implementation Toolkit, designed to help your lab implement important new requirements.

Global Consensus-Based Leadership and Expertise

Through a consensus-based process, CLSI’s standards are developed and written by volunteer committees of leading experts in the field of laboratory medicine. Our volunteer committees share learnings from their own laboratory work to create documents and protocols used by the medical laboratory community to improve processes, pass and maintain accreditation, meet regulatory requirements, and more.

A Committed Membership Base

Our members help support committee work and encourage their staff to participate in document development. Members review, comment, and vote on CLSI documents before they are published—ensuring that the document development process is fair and unbiased and that everyone has a seat at the table.

More About CLSI

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More About CLSI

Over 150 Globally Recognized Standards

Developed by our members for use by the global laboratory community, CLSI’s consensus-based medical laboratory standards are the most widely recognized resources for continually improving testing quality, safety, and efficiency. Organizations use CLSI standards to improve their testing outcomes, maintain accreditation, bring products to market faster, and navigate regulatory hurdles.

Global Training and Partnerships

Through our Partnerships program, CLSI provides international outreach services and hands-on support to laboratories around the world, helping them achieve sustainable quality with systems to better diagnose and treat patients with infectious diseases.