Identifying Strategies That Lead to Long-Term Success: CLSI 2017–2020 Strategic Plan

CLSI is undertaking the following initiatives to further our mission of delivering clinical and laboratory standards that improve the quality of medical care.

Strategic Goals

1. Define and understand our member and customer needs. — Understand the value.


  • Identify new and growing markets.
  • Identify products and services to be developed.
  • Identify, recruit, and retain members.
  • Identify delivery mechanisms for products and services.

2. Create standards, companion products, and services with high market relevance and impact to our stakeholders. — Create the value.


  • Integrate customer needs and expectations for product development.
  • Create a strong pipeline for new standards and companion products.
  • Support an optimized product portfolio.
  • Identify and implement opportunities for improvement in the standards development process.

3. Promote the CLSI brand and image to be a globally recognized symbol of excellence. — Promote the value.


  • Elevate communications strategies.
  • Grow international partnerships.

4. Strengthen global positioning and leadership. — Expand the value.


  • Promote the health care impact of CLSI’s Global Health Partnerships program.
  • Increase revenue from grants and contracts.
  • Diversify grants and contracts.

5. Protect our intellectual property. Protect the value.


  • Enhance application of the Intellectual Property Policy to control piracy of CLSI content.
  • Provide an acceptable level of product access for members and customers.

6. Be a thriving organization with volunteers and staff who find participation relevant, rewarding, and valuable. — Support and sustain the value.


  • Increase volunteer satisfaction.
  • Attract, develop, and retain a talented and high-performing workforce.
  • Diversify our volunteer workforce.