To view a list of CLSI documents helpful for COVID-19 testing click here.
To view a list of CLSI documents helpful for COVID-19 testing click here.

Identifying Strategies That Lead to Long-Term Success: CLSI 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

CLSI is undertaking the following initiatives to further our mission of delivering clinical and laboratory standards that improve the quality of medical care.

Strategic Goals

  1. Understand

    Define and understand our member and customer needs.

    Identify new and growing markets.
    Identify products and services to be developed.
    Identify delivery mechanisms for products and services.

  2. Create

    Create products and services with high market relevance and impact.

    Integrate customer needs and expectations for product development.
    Create a strong pipeline for new standards and derivative products.
    Identify and implement opportunities for improvement in the standards development process.

  3. Promote

    Strengthen CLSI’s global positioning and leadership.

    Enhance communications of CLSI’s impact across the health care community. Increase revenue through the growth and diversification of grants and contracts. Expand the CLSI customer base.

  4. Support

    Be a thriving organization where volunteers find participation relevant, rewarding, and valuable.

    Attract, develop, and retain a talented and productive volunteer workforce.
    Increase volunteer satisfaction.