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Have CLSI's document codes changed?

As part of an initiative to better classify our library of documents, some CLSI documents were assigned new codes to reflect their categories. Find out more here.

How often does CLSI update documents?

Approved consensus documents are reviewed between three and five years after publication. If a technical or an environmental change warrants it, any document may be updated before the scheduled review date. At the close of each respective review period, the committee considers and responds to the comments and revises the document appropriately. Following approval by the appropriate technical committee, the consensus document is published at the next level.

How can I receive a copy of the CLSI catalog?

CLSI encourages you to view the online catalog or to shop online. The printed version of the CLSI catalog is distributed periodically. To receive a hard copy of the catalog, please e-mail

Are CLSI standards and guidelines mandatory?

CLSI develops and publishes standards and guidelines through a consensus process that involves representatives from government, industry, and the health care professions. Because of the unique credibility our threefold consensus process gives to our documents, regulatory agencies or accrediting bodies often require that a specific CLSI standard or guideline be followed. In these cases, following the standard or guideline becomes mandatory for institutions aiming to meet given regulatory or accreditation requirements.

What does CLSI/NCCLS stand for?

The organization changed its name to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) in January 2005. The acronym NCCLS stood for its previous name, National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards.

How do I find the most recently published documents?

When viewing our Online Shop, you will see a Featured Products category that will feature our most recent publications. Members also receive our eNews publication, which will always announce new documents and products.

I received a corrections notice for a document. If I re-download the PDF document, how do I know I have the most recent version?

All of our corrections notices are available on our website and are dated. When you re-download a PDF version of the document, the watermarking on the bottom of the document will be dated. As long as the dated version of your PDF copy is after the date on the corrections notice, you are using the most up-to-date version. 

Why did CLSI make the change from ESS to web-based eCLIPSE?

We found that eCLIPSE is an easier system to use with many more features that our members enjoy. eCLIPSE allows our members to perform more advanced searches, view new documents as soon as they are published, print documents, and administrators may create usernames and passwords. Members with access can sign into their eCLIPSE account.

How do I participate on a CLSI committee?

View this and more information on our Volunteer FAQs.

I have a great idea for a CLSI document. What steps do I take to get it started?

CLSI welcomes new project ideas. To begin the submission process, complete the project proposal form.

How can I obtain permission to share a CLSI document with my organization?

To request permission to share a document, e-mail us here.

Can I place my order with an order form?

Yes, please submit the completed order form via e-mail to

Where should I send my payments to?

For membership, product invoices, or new orders, please send payments to:

PO Box 645766
PITTSBURGH, PA 15264-5255

For overnight payments, please send payments to:

Lockbox Number 645766
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