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EP23 Online Workshop

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EP23 Online Workshop: Risk-Based Tools to Meet IQCP Requirements

Available in Our Shop—Online EP23 Workshop

This fun and interesting online workshop allows for anyone, anywhere, anytime to learn about EP23 and its intent to help simplify quality control (QC) based on risk management.

The new EP23™ online workshop is a distance learning program that imparts the knowledge and skills necessary for the successful implementation of CLSI document EP23-A™—Laboratory Quality Control Based on Risk Management; Approved Guideline. The program consists of self-paced lessons followed by a homework assignment, a one-on-one lesson via e-mail communication, and an evaluation section.

Implementing the IQCP approach is an alternative QC option for replacing the existing equivalent QC option.

Lesson #1: Risk Management Definition
Lesson #2: Example (An example explaining the concepts of EP23)
Lesson #3: Assessing Risk (A lesson showcasing new risk assessment concepts not typically used by laboratorians)
Lesson #4: The EP23 Implementation Workbook
Lesson #5: The EP23 Worksheet
Lesson #6: CMS/CLIA IQCP Requirements

The homework assignment (to be completed before participation in the e-mail communication session) allows participants to create a QC plan (QCP) for an analyte used in their health care settings.

During the e-mail communication session, the participant will receive feedback and tips on enhancing their QCP example from a CLSI instructor. This interaction aims to answer any specific questions or concerns about implementing a successful QC program.

The EP23 Online Workshop is $499 (member discounts apply!) and includes*:

  • Access to the Online Workshop
  • EP23 Implementation Workbook
  • EP23 Worksheet Template
  • EP23 Quick Guide

*The EP23-A Document should be purchased separately.

This program was created by EP23 experts and can be completed in approximately five hours for 5.0 P.A.C.E.® continuing education credits.

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