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CLSI is well known for its contributions to the field of microbiology, due to its diligent development of standards and guidelines that address test methods, quality control procedures, and the interpretation of test results in the clinical microbiology laboratory. In addition, these documents establish vital performance criteria for various culture media and automated procedures.

June AST News Update

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  • M100 Free:, With this read-only web version of M100, you can now quickly reference the most trusted AST breakpoints from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Available online as a convenient companion to our M100 document.

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  • VET01 Free: Quickly reference the most trusted AST veterinary breakpoint tables as a convenient, complimentary supplement to the AST standard VET01.

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Why Make CLSI's M100 Your Reference of Choice?

Not only has CLSI long been the world-leading provider of AST breakpoints, methods, and quality control standards, but we are also the only organization in the world designated as a World Health Organization collaborating center for the creation of medical laboratory standards. CLSI is also the only organization of its kind with an inclusive, transparent standards development process. Through equal balance of input among industry, government, and health care professionals, we protect against the threats of opaque decision-making and conflicted data. No other organization provides this level of process transparency and balance, which helps ensure that M100 is widely upheld as the go-to publication for real-time identification of emerging bacterial resistance patterns—as agreed upon by the medical laboratory community. Learn more about our unique consensus-based process here.

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Future AST Meetings
January 25–30, 2018 | Dallas, Texas, USA
May 31–June 5, 2018 | San Diego, California, USA

Recent AST Meetings
June 22–27, 2017 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
January 11–17, 2017 | Tempe, Arizona, USA

Presentations: “One Health – One Medicine”- Linking Human, Animal and Environmental Health

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Marcy L. Hackenbrack, MCM, M(ASCP)