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Nominate a Colleague for a CLSI Excellence Award

Deadline: October 15, 2021, 11:59 PM Eastern (US) Time

A CLSI Excellence Award is one of the highest honors CLSI can bestow upon a volunteer. You can nominate a colleague for a CLSI Excellence Award in your choice of three categories. Please see the award descriptions here. Submitting an Excellence Award nomination is easy! Any individual may submit a nomination; however, the nominee must be a CLSI member in good standing. There is no limit to the number of nominations you may submit. Please post your official nomination below, remembering to include all required information by the deadline.

Award Nomination
Nominator Information
Nominee Information

Summary Statement

Please provide a summary of the nominee’s accomplishments in relation to the award for which the nominee is being considered, including: 1. A summary statement indicating why the nominee is being recommended for the award; 2. An explanation of specific contributions with examples that support the nominee’s recommendation; 3. Additional relevant contributions the nominee has made toward advancing CLSI’s mission. 4. One to three supporting letters from people familiar with the nominee’s contributions to CLSI are encouraged but not required.

Please Note:

Refer to the award descriptions to guide your detailed nomination, and do not hesitate to ask CLSI staff for assistance. To obtain an activity report on your prospective nominee, please contact Stephanie Robinson at srobinson@clsi.org.