MM25: Sequencing Bioinformatics for Human Genetics and Oncology, 1st Edition

CLSI requests nominations for volunteers to serve as members and contributors on a document development committee for a new document.


CLSI document MM25 will provide information on the primary and secondary components of a bioinformatics pipeline for handling data from massively parallel sequencing. In addition, this guideline will assist with understanding the complexity of the pipeline development process, pipeline validation, continued monitoring, and version control. Guidance on meeting regulations applicable to the bioinformatics pipeline to ensure quality and patient safety will also be included. MM25 will provide information on freeware and open-source software, data storage, databasing, and data sharing.

This group is looking for volunteers with:

  • Proficiency in bioinformatics
  • Expertise in massively parallel sequencing technology in the medical laboratory, government, or industry
  • Experience representing vendors that provide in silico data files

Additional information on essential job duties and skills and abilities for CLSI committee participants can be viewed here.

Timeline for this project

Week of 23–28 January 2020: First face-to-face meeting (NOTE: This will be a 2-day meeting scheduled during the January Committees Week in Tempe, Arizona.)
February 2020 to June 2021 Drafting of document (higher-intensity volunteer time period) 
September 2021 to November 2021: Voting period for draft document
December 2021 to February 2022: Revision of draft based on comments received during voting
August 2022: Expected publication date

Due date for submission of required documentation

Please submit nominations and required documentation (see Requirements for Nomination Consideration) on or before 29 July 2019 to