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About CLSI


Working Together Through a Collaborative Process

Every program we undertake is customized to the needs of the in-country laboratories we support.

To stop and reverse the spread of opportunistic infections, timely, accurate diagnosis and rapid, effective treatment are critical. Through our global Laboratory Strengthening Program, GHP provides assessment services, training, education, and technical assistance that resource-constrained laboratories need to implement CLSI standards, improve quality, and prepare for international accreditation—establishing the standardized practices needed to better diagnosis and treat patients with infectious diseases.

Whether hosting workshops or working as mentors in clinical laboratories, GHP staff and volunteers share their expertise to provide the professionals with whom they work with the knowledge and tools needed to conform to and sustain global laboratory health care standards.

Working with Ministry of Health officials, and in partnership with other respected organizations, we develop scalable plans that can evolve as laboratories move through their strengthening phases.

How We Work

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Achieving Results With Worldwide Impact

The results of GHP’s efforts are readily seen throughout the world. By enabling laboratories to bring their practices up to international standards in the shortest possible time, we have helped numerous resource-constrained countries improve diagnosis of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, and tuberculosis—allowing patients to receive the live-saving treatments they need.


Did You Know?

GHP has helped 4 LABORATORIES achieve accreditation to international laboratory standards. An ADDITIONAL 5 LABORATORIES are anticipated to achieve accreditation by mid-2013.

Patrick Mateta Video

Patrick Mateta, Senior International Program Manager, CLSI, describes the life-changing experience of volunteering for the Global Health Partnerships program.


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