ECOFFinder is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet calculator that is freely available to the public. It is designed to estimate epidemiological cutoff values (ECVs, ECOFFs) for the minimal inhibitory concentrations or minimal effective concentrations of wild-type bacterial or fungal populations. It follows the methodology described in "Turnidge J, Kalhmeter G, Kronvall G. Statistical characterisation of bacterial wild-type MIC value distributions and the determination of epidemiological cut-off values. Clin Microbiol Infect. 2006;12:418-425.” Instructions for use are provided on the first sheet. 

Which version do I need? Due to the peculiarities of MS Excel, three versions are provided: one for releases of Excel prior to 2010 (ECOFFinder XL 2003), one for releases of Excel from 2010 onwards (ECOFFinder XL 2000+), and one for Mac computers (ECOFFinder XL 2011 for Mac). Make sure that you enable macros when asked by Excel to do so.

ECOFFinder for Excel Prior to 2010

ECOFFinder for Excel After 2010

ECOFFinder for Excel 2011 for Mac

Whatever version you use, you will need to enable the Add-in “Solver” (where to do this varies depending on the version of Excel). Also, if you have enabled Solver and you get a runtime error the first time you use it, close and then re-open Excel to see if that fixes the problem.

For any issues or questions, contact John Turnidge (author):

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