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How do I become a member of CLSI?

Visit the Membership section of the CLSI website and choose the type of organization you work for and then the level of membership that is best for your organization. Then complete the new membership application. Once we receive your membership payment, you will have immediate access to your membership benefits. If you have any questions about this process, call CLSI at +1 610.688.0100.

What are the requirements to become a member?

We encourage all industries, health care facilities, organizations, associations, agencies, professionals, and students who are in the health care field or work closely with members of the health care field to join CLSI.

How do I determine my new category?

Please review the Categories of Membership to determine where your organization fits and what level of membership best meets your business and budget needs. Use the membership benefits chart within your category to help you select the right membership level for your needs.

What if I don't fall into a category?

Your organization should fit into one of our categories. However, we offer Individual Membership if your organization is not a current member. If you need assistance, please contact Membership at

Can I order documents at the same time I apply for membership?

Yes. Mention which documents you would like to purchase at the time of your membership sign-up.

How can I tell if I paid my membership dues yet?

Contact CLSI Membership at or +1 610.688.0100 to find out if your membership dues are up-to-date.

What is a Sustaining Member?

Sustaining Member organizations make a special financial commitment to CLSI above and beyond their membership dues. This additional support helps us to develop consensus documents that address critical issues of quality in medical testing and health care testing. Members also have the opportunity to direct their financial contributions to specific CLSI initiatives such as conferences, education, and our Partnerships programs.

Do you accept purchase orders for membership dues?

CLSI understands that many of our members have Accounting Departments that must work with purchase orders. When you submit a purchase order for membership dues, we will supply you with a membership invoice. Memberships will be renewed once the actual payment from that invoice has been received.

How do I update my delegate information?

You can update the information when you receive your annual membership renewal quote or you can use our online form. Just select “I am a current member and would like to update my contact information.” You may also e-mail the new delegate’s name, e-mail address, phone number, and any additional information he or she wishes to provide to

I have a question about a document. Who do I ask?

If you have a technical question about the content of a document, our Standards Department can help you. Please submit all technical questions to If you would like to purchase a document, please contact our Customer Service team at +1 610.688.0100 or visit

Who can take advantage of my organization's CLSI membership benefits?

All employees from the location that signed up for membership are considered CLSI Members. Additional locations are not considered members, but they can sign up for their own membership to receive membership benefits. Level I Health Care Professions and Level I Industry Members may share certain benefits with multiple locations in their organization. However, these locations are not considered members.

Why am I getting e-mail reminders to vote on a document?

When CLSI rolled out its new membership level structure, we added a very important new benefit for all members. We now allow each membership to list a delegate. When CLSI sends out a Request to Vote, each delegate has the opportunity to vote if he or she feels comfortable voting on the document’s content. CLSI believes this will strengthen our document development process and we appreciate your feedback.

Can I renew my membership online?

Please contact our Membership team at or use our online form.

How long does CLSI membership last?

CLSI offers annual membership only; however, we offer a rolling membership. If you need to work off a calendar year membership, or a specific start and end date, please contact to discuss options.