CLSI Webinar: How to use the M100 Document

M100 Webinar

CLSI Webinar: How to use the M100 Document

Recorded on: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CLSI document M100 is a vital resource for laboratories that perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST). This performance standard provides essential information on the interpretation and reporting of AST results on commonly isolated human pathogens. In the ever-evolving world of antimicrobial resistance, it is imperative that technologists are able to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of susceptibility results. This case-based webinar is designed to help the bench technologist understand M100’s recommendations and the importance of following them to ensure reporting of reliable results. It will provide clear, practical guidance for using M100 to develop in-house protocols and answer common susceptibility testing questions asked by laboratorians and clinicians.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss strategies for determining the acceptability of testing and reporting specific agents for a variety of bacteria types.
  • Develop a mechanism for reporting supportive AST information (to aid clinicians and pharmacists).
  • Describe approaches to identifying AST errors on patient isolates and troubleshooting out-of-range results on quality control strains.

A companion self-assessment will be provided to participants to help evaluate the user’s current level of understanding and use of M100.  

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Publication Details

Date of Publication: April 13, 2016

M100 Webinar Additional Details

Speaker: April Abbott, PhD, D(ABMM) Director, Microbiology Deaconess Health System, Evansville, Indiana

Participant Level: Basic