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Method Correlation Solution Package-Electronic


Method Correlation Solution Package-Electronic

Are you confident in the consistency and reliability of results from various testing platforms within your organization? Quality test results need consistency to be truly reliable. This package will ensure the quality of examination results. Topics covered in this package correspond to CLSI QSE Process Management and ISO 15189 section 5.6 Ensuring quality of examination results.

Documents in this package:

  • EP31 | Verification of Comparability of Patient Results Within One Health Care System, Interim Revision
  • EP21 | Evaluation of Total Analytical Error for Quantitative Medical Laboratory Measurement Procedures, 2nd Edition
  • EP14 | Evaluation of Commutability of Processed Samples, 3rd Edition
  • EP32 | Metrological Traceability and Its Implementation, A Report*
  • EP29 | Expression of Measurement Uncertainty in Laboratory Medicine, 1st Edition
  • EP26 | User Evaluation of Between-Reagent Lot Variation, 1st Edition
  • EP09c | Measurement Procedure Comparison and Bias Estimation Using Patient Samples, 3rd Edition

*This document is available in an electronic format only.

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