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Specimen and Reagent Storage Solution Package- Electronic


Specimen and Reagent Storage Solution Package- Electronic

Do you experience challenges with specimen storage, handling, waste streams, or environmental safety? This package will help you solve facilities issues, design new processes, or solve existing problems. Topics covered in this package correspond to CLSI QSE Facilities and Safety and ISO 15189 Section 5.2, Accommodation and environmental conditions.

Documents in this package:

  • GP17 | Clinical Laboratory Safety, 3rd Edition
  • EP25 | Evaluation of Stability of In Vitro Medical Laboratory Test Reagents, 2nd Edition
  • QMS04 | Laboratory Design, 3rd Edition
  • GP44 | Procedures for the Handling and Processing of Blood Specimens for Common Laboratory Tests, 4th Edition
  • GP05 | Clinical Laboratory Waste Management, 3rd Edition
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