Certificate Program


Certificate Program

Earn an online Certificate of Achievement in Laboratory Quality Management Systems! Learn everything you need to know for ensuring that your laboratory is:

  • Meeting accreditation quality requirements
  • Running with highest efficiency and productivity
  • Providing the highest quality test results for your patient population

The CLSI Laboratory Quality Management System Certificate Program is an online distance learning program that imparts the knowledge and skills necessary for successful implementation and sustainment of a quality management system (QMS) in your laboratory. The program consists of 12 modules, each representing one of the 12 quality system essentials (QSEs). Introductory and summary modules are also included, for a total of 14 modules.

This online certificate program was prepared by content experts and provides comprehensive coverage of a QMS within a clinical laboratory practice. Each online module can be completed in one to two hours and includes a lesson, additional transcript information, case study activities, and a quiz. To earn the LQMS certificate and 13 P.A.C.E.® credits, participants must successfully complete all modules and pass a comprehensive multiple-choice examination.

The LQMS Certificate program focuses on:

  • Providing a systematic process-oriented approach to meeting quality objectives.
  • The Delivery of consistent, high-quality, cost-effective laboratory services through implementation of a QMS.
  • Developing, implementing, and sustaining relevant policies, processes, and procedures for each quality system essential. Those essentials are listed below:
    • Organization
    • Process Management
    • Customer Focus
    • Document and Records
    • Facilities and Safety
    • Information Management
    • Personnel
    • Nonconforming Event Management
    • Purchasing and Inventory
    • Assessments
    • Equipment
    • Continual Improvement

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LQMS Additional Details

Note that the LQMS Certificate Program is not a certification program. Therefore, you will not receive credentials for taking this course. You will receive a certificate of achievement after passing the course.