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CLSI and Analyse-it®—our partners in StatisPro—have made the decision to discontinue further development of the StatisPro software. CLSI and Analyse-it will continue to support subscriptions through December 2016.

Current subscribers’ access to the software will not be interrupted, and subscribers will have the opportunity to renew their subscriptions through December 2016. Many of our users have come to rely on StatisPro as their method evaluation tool and CLSI is dedicated to providing a smooth transition for our users over the next year and a half. After December 2016, users will still be able to browse and print studies that they have previously created, but they will no longer be able to create new studies using the software.

Analyse-it is now working to enhance their Analyse-it Method Validation edition software to better support CLSI guidelines, enabling StatisPro users to transition to Analyse-it. To find out more and discuss your requirements, contact James Huntington at, or visit

CLSI is committed to providing support during this transition. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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