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Based on the CLSI Quality System Essentials

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CLSI is known for its international leadership in laboratory quality management and world-renowned expertise in laboratory standards. CLSI is a trusted partner in preparing laboratories for internationally recognized accreditation through training, mentor/twinning programs, and technical assistance.


Current Programs and Services

CLSI provides numerous programs and services including:

  • Onsite assessment to evaluate existing laboratory operations against the accreditation model health officials have selected, identifying and analyzing gaps between existing practices and best practices
  • Assistance with the development of national strategic plans for laboratories
  • Customized and interactive training and educational programs for laboratory staff, management, and quality officers focusing on the development and strengthening of quality management systems
  • Development of customized self-assessment tools that the laboratory management team can use to determine what gaps exist between current practices and best practices
  • Assistance with the development of continuous quality improvement strategies
  • Measurable and scalable programs for all laboratories seeking international accreditation





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