Comment on New and Revised Standard Documents

Help shape the standards that impact your day-to-day work.

To preserve the integrity of standards developed through the CLSI consensus process, we seek input from the public on our in-process drafts before they are approved for publication. Opening the dialogue to CLSI members and non-members alike, we encourage your involvement in the final shaping of our documents to ensure that all interested parties are given a voice.

General Information

Comments related to CLSI draft documents shall be made in writing using the comment table formand shall be submitted no later than the comment deadline indicated above. Comments, as well as requests for a copy of the document, should be submitted via e-mail to or by fax to 610.688.0700.


There are no documents currently under public review.

The review and comment period helps ensure that consensus is achieved so that approved consensus documents can be distributed for use in the health care community. At the end of the 60-day review and comment period, the committee that developed the document is obligated to review all comments, respond in writing to all substantive comments, and revise the draft document as appropriate. CLSI greatly appreciates your valuable feedback.

Please note draft CLSI documents are available only for the purposes of review and comment, and are not to be reproduced or circulated for any other reason. Draft documents have not completed the consensus review process, and therefore, shall not be used for any clinical purposes or to satisfy regulatory or accreditation requirements. They should not to be considered either final or published and may not be quoted or referenced.