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Propose a Project for CLSI

We are always interested in hearing your suggestions.

Any person or organization, including CLSI committee participants or committees, may propose a new CLSI project for development. If you have an idea you would like to share, please fill out the Proposal Form below:

Project Submission

  •   Consensus standard
      Consensus guideline
      Reference method
      Reference material specifications
      Other (please describe)
  •   Novice

  •   Track 1 (no more than 15 months)
      Track 2 (no more than 25 months)

  •   Quick Guides (Handy reminders that put information at the user's fingertips, such as quick guides and wall charts)
      Checklists (For use in reporting completed required activities and/or assessments)
      Video/DVD (Instructional video presentation)
      Toolkits (Electronic templates)
      Software such as databases and software for method evaluation
      Educational Presentations
      Article in a professional journal(s) (List name of appropriate journals below)
      Presentations/Workshops at professional meetings (List appropriate professional organizations and associated meetings below):
      Web/audio conference

  • Please list the intended users that would find this CLSI document valuable and identify the professional organizations in which they are likely to be actively involved and the publications to which they subscribe.

  • CLSI follows an established “Call for Volunteers” procedure for soliciting nominations from its member organizations and the public to serve on project development committees. Nominees' supporting documentation (CV and Disclosure of Interests form) are reviewed by the new project chairholder designate, and the appropriate consensus committee chairholder. Committee formation is based upon the expertise and balanced representation required for development of the new CLSI document. The document development committee roster is reviewed and approved by CLSI's President-Elect and the Chairholders Council. Individuals may submit nominations or self-nominate for consideration to serve on CLSI committees.

    More information about volunteer opportunities is available on the CLSI website at

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