Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary!
Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

C40: Measurement Procedures for the Determination of Lead Concentrations in Blood and Urine, 3rd Edition

CLSI requests nominations for volunteers to serve as members and contributors on a document development committee for a document revision.


CLSI document C40 will provide information on improving the measurement of lead in blood and urine. It will include preexamination considerations such as specimen collection for screening and diagnosis, role of the capillary blood specimen, anticoagulants, collection containers, and contamination monitoring and control. This guideline will also focus on the various examination techniques and their respective methods used to determine lead in biological matrixes (eg, atomic absorption spectrometry [AAS], anodic stripping voltammetry [ASV], inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry), internal and external quality assessment techniques, and troubleshooting information for common analytical problems with lead testing. Finally, this guideline will cover postexamination considerations such as criteria for repeat testing of the original clinical specimen, test results reporting, and repeat sampling. This guideline will not review in depth the toxic effects of lead in adults and children.

This group is looking for volunteers with:

  • Expertise in:
    • Examination methods and technology used to measure lead
    • Pediatrics, specifically oversight of lead poisoning treatment centers
    • Medical toxicology
  • Experience in:
    • Measurement of blood lead levels at low concentrations, especially with inorganic mass spectrometry, AAS, and/or disposable screen-printed electrode technologies based on ASV
    • Manufacturing of testing instrumentation
    • Public health lead poisoning prevention programs
    • Occupational lead poisoning prevention and treatment

Additional information on essential job duties and skills and abilities for CLSI committee participants can be viewed here.

Timeline for this project

Week of January 24-29, 2019: First face-to-face meeting (NOTE: This will be a 2-day meeting scheduled during the January Committees Week in St. Augustine, Florida.)
February 2019 to September 2019: Drafting of document (higher-intensity volunteer time period)
April 2020 to June 2020: Voting period for draft document
July 2020 to September 2020: Revision of draft based on comments received during voting
February 2021: Expected publication date

Due date for submission of required documentation

Please submit nominations and required documentation (see Requirements for Nomination Consideration) on or before August 23, 2018 to