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Setting the Standard for Clinical Laboratory Testing Quality

Our members, volunteers, and customers have made CLSI a respected leader in developing standards that improve the quality of patient care.

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CLSI Knows the Importance of Newborn Screening

CLSI’s newborn screening standards provide the critical guidance needed to detect potentially life-threatening and debilitating conditions for better outcomes and healthy, happy infants.

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Putting Standards Into Practice to Improve Patient Care Worldwide

Through our educational resources and Global Health Partnerships program, CLSI helps clinical laboratories implement quality practices for better health worldwide.

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Find High-Quality Standards and Guidelines Related to Your Profession

Each CLSI document focuses on different specialty areas, including laboratory basics, quality management systems, verification and validation, and information management.

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Why Use Our Documents?

  • Facilitate your laboratory’s accreditation preparedness.
  • Speed development of standard operating procedures.
  • Streamline product review processes with data packages that meet regulatory requirements.

Learn How to Put CLSI Standards Into Practice to Improve Quality

CLSI U is geared to meet the needs of busy laboratorians by providing a variety of resources that make participation in continuing education (CE) programs easy.

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Why Choose CLSI U?

  • Enhance comprehension and use of CLSI standards in the laboratory.
  • Learn from the experts who develop the standards.
  • Earn CE credits from P.A.C.E.®.

clsi u education resources

See all the educational opportunities and offerings available at CLSI U.

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Access Everything You Need to Achieve Excellence in Laboratory Testing

The value of a CLSI membership begins with significant discounts on our trusted clinical laboratory standards and guidelines, but the benefits extend far beyond cost savings.

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Why Join CLSI?

  • Receive up to 70% savings on CLSI products and programs.
  • Connect with 1,600+ organizations in the global laboratory community.
  • Actively collaborate on CLSI standards development.

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CLSI membership is not only applicable to organizations, individuals are now about to join!

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Maximize Your Voice in the Global Health Care Community

Volunteering with CLSI gives you an unmatched opportunity to contribute your expertise to improve the quality of laboratory testing and health care worldwide.

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Why Volunteer?

  • Take part in developing the standards that affect the work you do each day.
  • Provide hands-on support services that can help save lives.
  • Enrich your professional career and resumé while making a personal impact.


Explore volunteering for Standards Development or Global Health Partnerships.

Call for Volunteers

Summer 2014 Membership Special

Become a member today and receive
15 months for the price of 12 months!
Use promo code AACC2014Member
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Upcoming Educational Opportunities

CLSI Webinar:
CLSI Standards in the CAP Checklists

The accreditation requirements of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) come from regulations, standards, guidelines, and expert opinion. CLSI documents are referenced 369 times—more than those of any other standards development organization. The 2014 edition of the CAP Checklists cites 91 different CLSI publications. The subject of this presentation will be how CLSI documents can help the laboratory prepare for CAP inspections.


October 15, 2014
1:00-2:00 PM Eastern (US) Time

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Understanding the Cost of Quality in the Laboratory (QMS20-R) is a valuable report that provides guidance to a lab in understanding and managing the different types of quality costs that affect processes, services, and financial well-being.

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CLSI-Catalog_WEB 2

The CLSI 2014 Catalog is your source for all CLSI standards, companion products, educational resources, and more.

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View our crosswalks to easily find the CLSI documents your laboratory needs, including standards to help your lab prepare for accreditation and inspection.


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CAP Crosswalk CLMA Crosswalk FDA Crosswalk ISO Crosswalk Joint Commission Crosswalk

Featured Video on The Cost of Quality

Luann Ochs

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CLSI Releases Version 3.0 of StatisPro

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QMS: A Model for Laboratory Services GP26-A4

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The LQMS Certificate Program is an invaluable resource for any lab!

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The Key to Quality, a workbook with the tools you need to develop a QMS.

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EP23™ Online Workshop: Risk-Based Tools to Meet IQCP Requirements

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