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CLSI members around the world are achieving greater accuracy, efficiency, and safety in their own laboratories while helping to improve patient care quality across the globe. Discover how.

Who Is CLSI?

CLSI is an organization dedicated to developing consensus-based clinical standards that enable laboratories to fulfill their responsibilities most effectively through high-quality testing practices.

Our global membership base shares in a common mission: to develop and promote the use of standards that are respected worldwide to improve patient care. These members come from prestigious and innovative organizations of all sizes, and are the backbone that supports CLSI’s ability to deliver timely scientific guidance for strengthening clinical laboratory processes.

In turn, we support our members with a range of invaluable products, programs, and services that help them to continually improve quality in their own work.

Why Join CLSI?

Membership is an effective away to take advantage of
all CLSI has to offer.

You also gain the unique opportunity to participate in our consensus process.

Join government, industry, and health care professionals in developing the world-renowned clinical laboratory standards that CLSI puts forth.

  • Take part in developing the standards that affect the work you do each day.
  • Directly impact and improve quality in laboratory medicine globally by sharing your expertise.
  • Enrich your career and résumé through participation.
  • Gain global recognition for you and your organization’s contributions.


Only CLSI membership gives you this one-of-a-kind opportunity, with a wealth of added benefits. Don’t hesitate, join now!




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