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CLSI Furthers Its Mission


Last month the US Food & Drug Administration launched a new website that will make it easier for prescribers to give their patients the most accurate antimicrobial treatment. They’ll base this information, in part, on the data provided in several of CLSI’s antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) standards. This new and improved way of providing breakpoint information to laboratories will help CLSI further its mission to develop clinical and laboratory practices and promote their use worldwide.

The FDA’s new website provides information on the most up-to-date Susceptibility Test Interpretive Criteria (STIC), also known as breakpoints. Breakpoints help determine whether a specific bacteria or fungi are susceptible to (ie, will respond to treatment with) antibacterial or antifungal drugs. This new procedure for providing breakpoints to heath care providers will help standardize care, as well as playing a part in reducing antimicrobial resistance, which occurs when bacteria and fungi change over time to become less susceptible to drugs that once were effective. Learn more about CLSI's work in AST or shop our new 2018 AST standards.

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