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CLSI Releases New Version of Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) Certificate Program


USAThe Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has released the new version of their self-paced Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) Certificate Program. This online learning program provides the most up-to-date information for the implementation and sustainment of a quality management system (QMS) in the laboratory. Based on the latest edition of QMS01—A Quality Management System Model for Laboratory Services, this program provides a process-oriented approach to meeting quality objectives and can help the laboratory fulfill regulatory and accreditation requirements.

The program includes lessons for each of the 12 Quality System Essentials in the QMS model. In plain, simple language, each generic topic—eg, personnel, equipment, documents, assessments—discusses the processes and activities your laboratory needs to meet regulatory and accreditation requirements for that topic.

The course also includes quizzes, a final examination, a certificate of completion, and 13 P.A.C.E.® continuing education credits upon successful completion of the final exam.

Lucia M. Berte, MA, MT(ASCP)SBB, DLM, CQA(ASQ)CMQ/OE, Co-Chairholder of QMS01 said,  “A QMS is a proven way your laboratory can fulfill applicable regulatory and accreditation requirements, reduce unnecessary failure costs, and make its best contribution to patient care.”

For more information about CLSI’s new Laboratory Quality Management System Certificate Program, contact Customer Service at customerservice@clsi.org or +1.610.688.0100.

CLSI sets the standard for quality in medical laboratory testing. A not-for-profit membership organization, CLSI brings together the global laboratory community for the advancement of a common cause: to foster excellence in laboratory medicine.    

For over 50 years, our members, volunteers, and customers have made CLSI a respected, transformative leader in the development and implementation of medical laboratory testing standards. Through our unified efforts, we will continue to set and uphold the standards that drive quality test results, enhance patient care delivery, and improve health care around the world.    

By using CLSI standards, laboratorians can improve process quality, speed the development of standard operating procedures, and implement safer practices with greater ease and efficiency.


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