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Volunteer to help shape laboratory standards.

Your expertise is in demand. Grab a seat at the table with your colleagues in the health care community and help develop the next generation of medical laboratory testing standards.

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How CLSI Standards Are Developed

Our volunteers bring to our standards development process diverse skills, deep experience, and vast knowledge.

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"If you're a person who cares about laboratory medicine, about the quality of the results that get to the patient...you really need to volunteer."

Andrew Quintenz
Board of Directors Member, CLSI
Global Scientific & Professional Affairs Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Why Volunteer?

Current Opportunities

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Working Group for EP Reviewers

Are you passionate about advancing medical laboratory guidelines for evaluation protocols? Do you possess expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Linearity
  • Establishment of reference intervals
  • ROC curves
  • Surrogate samples
  • Interference testing
  • Lot-to-lot variation
  • Qualitative tests
  • Reagent stability
  • Delta checks
  • Extended measuring intervals
  • Commutability
  • Precision
  • Sample stability

If so, the CLSI Expert Panel on Evaluation Protocols (EP) invites you to join our EP Reviewer working group.

Apply on or before 2 August 2024.

Apply Now

Method Navigator Reviewer Group

Seeking volunteers who are well-versed in FDA quality system regulations and CLIA requirements. Your expertise is invaluable and could help us maintain and enhance our comprehensive EP navigation tool, Method Navigator.

Apply on or before 2 August 2024.


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Laboratory-Developed Test (LDT) Final Rule Advisory Group

The FDA released the LDT Final Rule on 29 April 2024 and officially published it on 6 May 2024. The Final Rule asserts FDA’s legal authority to regulate LDTs and clarifies that laboratories that manufacture LDTs are subject to the same requirements as IVD manufacturers (ie, premarket review, QSRs, adverse event reporting, establishment registration and device listing, labeling standards, and investigational use requirements). Until this time, FDA has exercised general enforcement discretion over LDTs, opting not to enforce these applicable requirements. The FDA is phasing out its general enforcement discretion of LDTs in five stages over a four-year period (2024–2028). However, there is also a targeted enforcement policy in the final rule that provides limited and provisional enforcement discretion for certain types of LDTs.

In response to the final rule, laboratories are faced with how to navigate an unfamiliar FDA medical device regulatory environment, uncertainty regarding how to meet the new regulations, and tight deadlines associated with the phaseout stages. CLSI is committed to serving as a trusted resource for guidance, tools, and education to assist laboratories with preparing and meeting the new requirements.

Based on this commitment, CLSI is forming the LDT Final Rule Advisory Group to leverage the expertise of our laboratory, industry, and government subject matter experts.

Advisory Group Charge:

The CLSI LDT Final Rule Advisory Group is responsible for providing CLSI with insight and feedback on:

  • CLSI’s overall organizational strategy in response to the FDA’s Final Rule: Medical Devices; Laboratory Developed Tests (Final Rule)
  • CLSI product development needs to assist laboratories with implementation of the Final Rule
  • Communications and communications strategy for content, products, and services related to the FDA Final Rule (eg, surveys, “White papers,” guidances, toolkits, checklists, educational opportunities)
  • Identification of issues, challenges, questions, and concerns identified within the laboratory community in response to the Final Rule
  • Collaboration opportunities (eg, joint education programs, seeking clarity on regulations from the FDA) with other professional societies or government agencies
  • FDA guidances issued after the Final Rule
  • Other related needs as they arise

NOTE: The duties and powers of this group are in an advisory capacity only.

Apply on or before 08 August 2024.

Apply Now

CLSI C66-Ed1 | Vitamin D Testing in the Medical Laboratory, 1st Edition

CLSI C66 will provide an overview of vitamin D tests currently performed in patient care, including tests for vitamin D metabolites. C66 will also be useful in the development of commercial vitamin D assays and appropriate laboratory developed tests (LDTs). In addition, this guideline will provide information for using vitamin D tests in patient care settings and for test utilization. Intended users of this guideline are clinicians, end-user laboratorians, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies. Guidance will be provided for verification of performance claims by end-user laboratories.

January 2025: Virtual inaugural meetings
January 2025 to November 2025: Drafting of document (higher-intensity volunteer time period)
June 2026 to July 2026: Voting period for draft document
August 2026 to October 2026: Revision of draft based on comments received during voting
April 2027: Expected publication date

Apply on or before 16 August 2024.

Apply Now

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Our volunteers come from diverse professional backgrounds and include health care, government, and industry professionals with the common goal of improving the quality of medical laboratory testing.

  • Familiarity with CLSI’s standards.
  • Experience in that area of laboratory science (varies by opportunity).
  • Ability to work well in a group setting during the time frames listed on the opportunity.
  • You don’t need an advanced degree to participate.

Payment of an annual administrative fee is required for participation on CLSI committees. If you or your organization is a member of CLSI, the annual fee is included in your membership dues and no additional payment is required. More information on CLSI membership can be found here.

What to Expect

On average, it takes 18-24 months to complete a CLSI document. As a committee volunteer, you are asked to commit to participating for the duration of the project. 

Volunteers meet regularly—in person and via conference call—throughout the development process to review the draft document, discuss and resolve issues related to the document's content, and to make sure the committee is on schedule with respect to the document development timeline.

More About the Standards Development Process >

Groups & Committees

Working Groups

CLSI's working groups focus on tasks that support the work of a subcommittee. A working group's assignment is usually limited in scope. They can include writing a document, a section of a document, or conducting a technical study. 



Subcommittees are responsible for documents in a topic area. They write draft documents, evaluate and respond to comments on content throughout the document development process, conduct scheduled document reviews, and may be responsible for continual revision of certain documents.


Document Development Committees

Comprised of a balanced representation from government, industry, and the health care professions, a CLSI document development committee is a group of technical experts who work together to develop a CLSI document.


Expert Panels

Expert panels are responsible for identifying and proposing projects and advising the Consensus Council on their suitability. Their focus is on reviewing, commenting on, and voting on documents within their area of expertise. 


Consensus Council

The Consensus Council sets priorities for and manages CLSI standards development and identifies continual improvement opportunities for standards development-related processes. The Consensus Council also votes on Final Draft documents to confirm adherence to process requirements.


Board of Directors

The CLSI Board of Directors fulfills CLSI's mission by supervising, controlling, and directing CLSI's affairs; assuring the integrity of the voluntary consensus process.



CLSI is the meeting place for the world’s savviest experts on laboratory standards. If you want to stay on the leading edge of industry knowledge and shape its future, become a member now.