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Get Involved: Join a CLSI Subcommittee!

What is a Subcommittee?

Subcommittees are responsible for two or more related documents in a topic area. They write draft documents, evaluate and respond to comments on content throughout the document development process, conduct scheduled document reviews, and may be responsible for continual revision of certain documents. CLSI has established subcommittees in the following areas:

What positions are available?

Titles and experience levels are provided below for a subcommittee. CLSI invites volunteers from varied backgrounds and different levels of experience to participate in different roles.

What are my duties as a volunteer?

Volunteers provide research support, review data, discuss technical issues, and work on assignments that help create or revise the subcommittee's library of documents.

How often do subcommittees meet?

Subcommittee volunteers meet face-to-face once or twice a year and may meet via conference call several times throughout the year. Subcommittees typically meet in person once or twice annually, during January and/or June Committees Weeks. There is no attendance fee for Committees Week meetings, but registration is required. Your CLSI project manager will notify you of the planned and expected meetings and will provide announcements, agendas, and other pertinent materials before each meeting.

The meeting dates and locations through the next two years can be found at clsi.org/meetings.

How can I become a volunteer?

Calls for Volunteers for subcommittees are issued annually and as needed throughout the year to fill vacancies. Complete your Volunteer Profile to ensure that you are notified when subcommittee positions become available.

I’m interested! What are my next steps?

There are not any current volunteer opportunities for the other subcommittees. Complete your Volunteer Profile to be notified directly of future volunteer opportunities.

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