As part of a global strategy to increase access to our documents and training, CLSI is piloting a new program offering discounted pricing in India.

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NEW Discounted Pricing: India


CLSI is pleased to announce that we are piloting a new pricing model offering discounted pricing for India. This new pricing is part of a global strategy to increase access to our documents and training in service to our mission to promote the use of safe and effective laboratory practices around the globe.


We are introducing this pricing structure for India as a pilot and with the support and collaboration of Foundation for Quality India (FQI). Beginning August 1, applicants domiciled in any of the states of India will be eligible for a discount of 90% off published pricing for CLSI documents, training, and membership fees.  CLSI is excited to expand our reach and involvement on the continent and to continuing our collaboration with FQI and the Indian laboratory medicine community.

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1. Who is eligible for the reduced pricing?

2. Why is this discount being offered?



3. Why does it only apply to India?

4. How do I get the discount?



5. I just purchased a document/membership last month. Will I benefit from this new pricing?

6. Does the new pricing apply to all products?



7. I believe I should have received a discount. How can I contact customer support?

8. I would like to learn more about CLSI products and resources. Who can I contact?



9. Do we need to be a member of CLSI to be eligible for the discount?

10. Do we need to be a member of FQI to be eligible for the discount?



11. Where can I find information about CLSI products?

12. What forms of payment are accepted?