Join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary.
Join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary.


CLSI Committees Weeks and Meetings

CLSI committees conduct business at in-person meetings, four times a year called Committees Weeks. Meeting announcements and agendas are issued from the CLSI office. It is CLSI policy to conduct all meetings in an open forum and to permit noncommittee participants to attend meetings, provided proper notice has been received so that space can be reserved to accommodate attendees.

Please contact Stephanie Robinson at or +1.484.588.5906 for any additional questions.

Upcoming Meetings

  • January 24–29, 2019 | St. Augustine, Florida, USA
  • March 17–21, 2019 | St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • June 13–18, 2019 | Dallas, Texas, USA
  • January 23–28, 2020 | Tempe, Arizona, USA
  • March 23–26, 2020 | Dallas, Texas, USA
  • June 11–16, 2020 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • September 13–17, 2020 | Tempe, Arizona, USA
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