To view a list of CLSI documents helpful for COVID-19 testing click here.
To view a list of CLSI documents helpful for COVID-19 testing click here.

CLSI's Consensus Council

The Consensus Council serves as the consensus body for CLSI. It sets priorities for and manages CLSI standards development and identifies continual improvement opportunities for standards development-related processes. The Consensus Council also votes on Final Draft documents to confirm adherence to process requirements.

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Consensus Council

  • Anne T. Daley, MS, MT(ASCP)DLM, CMQ/OE(ASQ)CSBB / Member / ARUP Laboratories, United States
  • Avis Danishefsky, PhD / Member / FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health, United States
  • Collette Fitzgerald, PhD / Member / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States
  • Mary Lou Gantzer, PhD, FACB / Vice-Chairholder, United States
  • Loralie J. Langman, PhD, DABCC, FACB, F-ABFT / Member / Mayo Clinic, United States
  • Katya Ledin, PhD, MPH, HCLD(ABB) / Member / California Department of Public Health, United States
  • Michelle McLean, MS, MT(ASCP), BS / Member / Greiner Bio-One, Inc., United States
  • Tania Motschman, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB / Member / Laboratory Corporation of America, United States
  • M. Laura Parnas, PhD, DABCC / Member / Roche Diagnostics, United States
  • James R. Petisce, PhD / Chairholder / BD Diagnostic Systems, United States
  • Robert Rej, PhD / Member / New York State Department of Health - Wadsworth Center, United States
  • Matthew A. Wikler, MD, FIDSA, MBA / Member / IDTD Consulting, United States