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Laboratory Automation: Data Content for Specimen Identification, 1st Edition

This document provides specifications for the content of linear bar codes on specimen container tubes in the clinical laboratory and for use on laboratory automation systems.

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Chairholder: Randy R. Davis

Date of Publication: June 20, 2004

ISBN Number: 1-56238-537-2

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Edition: First

Pages: 40

CLSI AUTO07 Additional Details

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has evaluated and recognized this approved-level consensus standard for use in satisfying a regulatory requirement.

This archived document is no longer being reviewed through the CLSI Consensus Document Development Process. However, this document is technically valid as of January 2017. Because of its value to the laboratory community, it is being retained in CLSI’s library.

CLSI AUTO07 Abstract

CLSI document AUTO07-A—Laboratory Automation: Data Content for Specimen Identification; Approved Standard was developed to standardize the way specimens are identified. With the consolidation of healthcare facilities and clinical laboratory testing sites for a given healthcare enterprise, specimen processing may be achieved at a variety of sites. This standard allows for specimens from a given enterprise to be processed in a central location. The specimen identification must be able to not only be linked to the patient, but also to the requesting facility. This standard describes the format for specimen numbering that will enable specimens to be processed by independent sites and still be linked to the patient and the requesting facility. The standard is an extension of CLSI document AUTO2—Laboratory Automation: Bar Codes for Specimen Container Identification, which defines location and format of the label and the bar code.