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Autoverification of Medical Laboratory Results for Specific Disciplines, 1st Edition

This guideline includes detailed information for design, testing, validation, implementation, and ongoing support of an autoverification algorithm system for use in the medical laboratory.

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Chairholder: William Marquardt, C(ASCP), MBA

Date of Publication: September 11, 2019

Order Code PDF: CLSI AUTO15Ed1E
ISBN Number: 978-1-68440-057-7

Order Code Print: CLSI AUTO15Ed1
ISBN Number: 978-1-68440-056-0

Edition: First

Pages: 92

CLSI AUTO15 Additional Details

A standard for global application developed through the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute consensus process.

CLSI AUTO15 Abstract

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guideline AUTO15—Autoverification of Medical Laboratory Results for Specific Disciplines provides general guidance, as well as discipline-specific direction, on design and validation of an autoverification system. Autoverification is the process by which laboratory analyte results are accepted or rejected for automatic delivery to a patient data repository. This process uses a predetermined set of criteria applied at one or more points during the electronic flow of information. This guideline is provided for use by laboratorians, personnel responsible for information systems, and vendors for medical informatics and in vitro diagnostics.