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Principles and Procedures for Detection and Culture of Fungi in Clinical Specimens, 2nd Edition

This guideline includes protocols, quality control parameters, and interpretive criteria for culturing fungi and for detecting and identifying fungi in direct examinations.

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Chairholder: Nancy L. Wengenack, PhD, D(ABMM)

Date of Publication: January 6, 2021

Order Code PDF: CLSI M54Ed2E
ISBN Number: 978-1-68440-099-7

Order Code Print: CLSI M54Ed2
ISBN Number: 978-1-68440-098-0

Edition: Second

Pages: 176

CLSI M54 Additional Details

A guideline for global application developed through the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute consensus process.

CLSI M54 Abstract

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guideline M54—Principles and Procedures for Detection and Culture of Fungi in Clinical Specimens describes recommended processes for plating and examining fungal cultures as well as principles and procedures for the direct detection of fungi in clinical specimens, including criteria for performing and interpreting direct microscopic examinations. Safety considerations unique to mycology laboratories and a discussion of appropriate levels of laboratory service (eg, when to refer samples to more experienced laboratories) are highlighted. Specimen collection, transport, and processing recommendations, including rejection criteria, are provided to guide the collection of high-quality specimens for direct examinations and fungal cultures. Fungal stains and interpretive criteria appropriate for detecting and characterizing fungal elements in direct microscopic examinations are emphasized as critical components for rapid detection of fungi. Descriptions of serological and antigen-based testing and molecular assays are also provided. Media selection, incubation conditions, and other growth requirements for fungal cultures are provided with suggested culture examination schedules, interpretations for growth on positive cultures, and reporting criteria.