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Performance Standards for Antimicrobial Disk and Dilution Susceptibility Tests for Bacteria Isolated From Animals, 7th Edition

CLSI VET01S includes updated tables for the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute veterinary antimicrobial susceptibility testing standard VET01.

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Chairholder: Dubraska Diaz-Campos; Claire Burbick

Date of Publication: January 9, 2024

Order Code PDF: CLSI VET01SEd7E
ISBN Number: 978-1-68440-211-3

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Edition: Seventh

Pages: 288

CLSI VET01S Additional Details

A guideline for global application developed through the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute consensus process.

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CLSI VET01S Abstract

The data in the tables are valid only if the methodologies in CLSI VET011 are followed. CLSI VET011 contains information about disk and dilution susceptibility test procedures for aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria. Clinicians need information from the microbiology laboratory for treating and/or confirming treatment decisions for their patients with bacterial infections and depend heavily on this information for treating their seriously ill patients. The clinical importance of antimicrobial susceptibility test results demands that these tests be performed under optimal conditions and that laboratories have the capability to interpret results based on the most current breakpoints and interpretive categories for antimicrobial agents used in veterinary medicine.